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The Cleveland, Ohio native and author Darryl E. McCullough the "Sanepoet" who views almost all things Conservative. He is joined by co-host the Toledo, Ohio native and "Songstress" Carmen Miller who views all things Liberal. Also the reoccurring co-host the Toledo, Ohio native and "Fitness Guru" Erika D. White who views all things Progressive.

Listen in as this lively group shares their personal and sometimes heartfelt opinions covering a "Full Circle" of subjects from current events, polictics, race relations, religion, marital and relationship whoas!  


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His Issues:

How marital vows are becoming passe and affairs are becoming commonplace.  How living together "shacking" is encouraged by many prior to marriage, yet the "marriage" rarely happens.  Also, how the "Beige & Bland" agenda in which we all are beige in color and bland in thought due to race mixing and liberal thinking is destroying the Black American family. He firmly feels if the 80's television show "Good Times" were on television nowadays, Thelma would be dating a White guy!"

Darryl E. McCullough

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Her Issues:

Carmen Miller is a bit of an anomaly. She is a God fearing Christian whose is an NRA member.  Though she believes in traditional marriage, she is also a LGBT equality activist and for abortion rights.  She a retired investment banker who rallies against privilege of the 1%.  She’s for equal pay, justice system reform, and prayer (of all kinds personal to the individual) in schools.  
No, he was never homeless like so many Black rags to riches stories start off nowadays.  He was born of a middle class family, back when middle class existed and meant that you did not shop at discount stores, or at least you would not admit to it!  Despite living comfortably, he still had issues with life. Due to family issues, he ended up developing several ulcers prior to the age of sixteen!  Under doctor's orders he began to therapeutically write out his problems. He dived head first into topics dealing with being right-winged and how he was anti-abortion, anti-hyphenated names, anti-daycare, anti-cornrows and braids, anti-homosexual marriage, anti-interracial marriage, anti-shacking up, anti-body-piercing and tramp stamps, anti-little boys and grown men with earrings, anti using the word “fruition,” anti-telling people that you are an undecided voter, anti taking your shirt off to cut the grass, whew! He’s just plain ole anti, anti!  He wrote about problems with religion, relationships, peer pressure, racism, and the repercussions of a society with too much freedom.  Before he knew it, he had piles upon piles of verbal expressions.  Eventually some of his writings were published in newspapers and he won several poetry contests. He slowly but surely began to compile his works together laying the foundation for two self published books. “Perfectly Sane” consisting of short-stories and poetry and its predecessor “I’m Still Sane!  But Crazier than Ever!” This mentally stable author has since delved into the world of screenwriting, columnist work, filmmaking, public speaking and teaching.  All these ventures have provided many radio and television interviews along the way.  

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Any authors, poets, filmmakers, singers, business owners or just interesting people with something to say who would like to be considered to be a guest on our show please email us at email us at

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Erika D. White

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Toledo, Ohio's best kept secret is no longer silent! This soulful songstress is an energetic performer who brings the best of what people love about music together in one total package! She has great stage presence and a powerful quality sound. Her voice is inviting and stirring in a way that makes you want to hear more. She also has the ability to create an exciting atmosphere anywhere with all of the emotion she brings to each song.  

Having crafted lyrics and melodies all of her life and developing into a prolific songwriter in her own rite. Carmen can emote her message on a broadly appealing level without losing the spirit of the message within each song. Her voice exudes sincerity in every word and every note.  

Carmen has all of these qualities with a lovely personality, as well as an opinion...and she's not afraid to share it!
Carmen L. Miller

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Freelance Writer & Blogger~TV Personality~Fitness Motivator~Group Exercise Instructor/Trainer~Health & Wellness Coach.